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The original Dan McGuinness Pub was manufactured in Ireland and shipped to
Memphis, Tennessee. Five Irish Gents were also brought over to assemble it from
floor to ceiling, making it the only authentic Irish Pub in town.

By creating a warm Irish atmosphere, with a combination of great food and
friendly service, Dan McGuinness Pub has become the place to be. Our menu
offers many Irish dishes, but also many American favorites. From the younger
crowds that come in for the late night music, to the older groups that come in for
Happy Hour, Dan McGuinness Pub offers a wide variety of entertainment for all ages.

We have grown over the years from Nashville, TN to Moore, OK. As we have
expanded, we also continue to grow from the help of several franchisees. If we
are not there yet, look for us soon in your neighborhood. So stop in and enjoy a
frothy pint, some hearty food, and good cheer!

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